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Buy utah-new fake id online, We print the card on a newly developed version kept hidden for privacy purposes, the new ids have to pass the bending test, and hence we use a material which has the capacity to bend and take back its original shape.

Validity: 5 years.

Buy utah-new fake id online, The DMV issues a whole new look for the licenses of this state. We care about customer requirements, and it took only a matter of a few months to replicate and clone the template to perfection. We allow you to select “Utah (NEW)” for the newly issued design or pick “Utah (OLD)” in our state list of the order form to buy the previous one.

Buy utah-new fake id online, A.FREE DUPLICATE and FREE SHIPPING and FEE RUSH SHIPPING
B.REAL ID CARD MATERIAL. Bendable, exactly the same material as the real ID.
C.MICRO PRINT. Super high quality clear micro print.
D.OVI HOLOGRAM. Detailed coloring matching OVI hologram.
E.SCANNABLE 1D 2D BAR CODE. Professionally matched, pass all scan verification system.

Buy utah-new fake id online, Our premium Utah state id card is printed on Teslin with a spot on microprint on the front in the background design and over the main cardholder image. Laser engraved ghost image with raised tactile text birth date. Laser perforated beehive design visible when light is shined at the back of the driver’s license. OV (silver and gold ink) hologram design consisting of UT state seal, state outlines with a star inside one for capitol location, and text of “UTAH”. UV card front design of a fine-line pattern with line waves. Card backside UV includes cardholder image with birth date glows identical to real under blacklight. The birthdate is also printed on the back of the state id as is the DPS seal.